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Planning tools such as Fortuen Calendar, Set Calendar, Lunar Calendar, Lunar Almanac (what’s favourable and what to avoid), 24 divisions of the solar year in the traditional Chinese calendar, Personal Good Days act as the reminder to help you choose a good date so that you can achieve success without breaking a sweat!

[Monthly Destruction Day (破日) Reminder]

Destruction Days are also known as the days when one of the 6 clashes occur. E.g., the month of Zi (Rat) & the day of Wu (Horse); the month of Chou (Ox) & the day of Wei (Goat); the month of Shen (Monkey) & the day of Yin (Tiger) etc. These are days of misfortunes, and it is a taboo to perform certain activities on these days, especially holding major auspicious events such as wedding, banquet, signing of contracts etc. The Destruction Day is one of the twelve officer stars and is regarded as unlucky with risks of destruction or failure. Therefore, plan your schedule carefully to avoid holding significant events on the Destruction Days.

[Monthly Auspicious Days (好日) Reminder]

Cheng Ri (成日) is excellent for holding joyous occasions such as grand opening of a business, wedding, starting school, holding celebration, etc. Avoid litigation, demolition of houses or other destructive acts on these days.

Kai Ri (開日) is a good day for opening ceremony for businesses or wedding but a taboo for earth works or burial. Pinpointing auspicious and inauspicious days in the coming week can assist you in planning important events to achieve the desired aims, which will ultimately put you on the path to success and a blissful life. VISIBER57 APP is your best partner in helping you reach your goals.