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In September 2003, after continuous researches and efforts conducted by Dato' David, he has successfully created the Ⓥ Numbers Methodology. The Ⓥ Numbers Methodology consists of an inverted triangle and uses a simple calculation. This simple calculation adds up a person's date of birth into a single digit that represents his or her personality number.

Based on the V Numbers Methodology, we can understand our past, present and future much better. The inverted triangle is said to a symbol that represents a female while the 7 numbers inside the triangle represents a female's 7 months of pregnancy. The Ⓥ Numbers Methodology is VISIBER's key tool for the V Numbers Education System. Through this simple calculation, it helps enhances the integration of VISIBER's wisdom and numbers to the classes conducted.

The Ⓥ Numbers Methodology is around the concept of 'Numbers', included Ⓥ Numbers Behavioural Studies, Ⓥ Numbers Nameology, Ⓥ Numbers Symbology, and Ⓥ Numbers Environmental Studies. The Ⓥ Numbers Methodology will help us to clarify our personality, state of mind, blind spot and search our vision through numbers.


V Numbers Behavioral Studies
V Number Environmental Analysis
V Numbers Nameology
V Numbers Symbology