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For years, VISIBER has been upholding the concept of 'contributing to where we take' and is involved in many corporate social responsibility activities. Thus in 2007, the organization formed a charity body named [57 Foundation] that sets out to cast a better world for our future generation.

Visiber Group

As early as its inception in 2003, VISIBER SDN BHD ('VISIBER') is a very committed corporate citizen. Highly dedicated to charity campaigns, VISIBER believes that a successful business is the fruit of public support. Without the hard work of people, there would hardly be any growth for the company.

57 Foundation is incorporated on 9th July 2009 under the Companies Act, 1965 and licensed under Section 24 of the same Act by the relevant Minister. Owing to that, VISIBER is always at the frontier of philanthropic activities that are related to education campaigns, donations and the welfare of the underprivileged group.

The company's vast contribution is rendered in many forms around the world. VISIBER as well as its distributors are regular patrons of various social charity activities and our efforts have set up a good role model for other industry players.