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Fortune Roulette

Come and play our fun-filled fortune roulette! It reveals your lucky number of the day, or number which you are lacking for the day. Tips will be given on how to effectively and flexibly deal with issues that arise.

V Calculator

A useful tool to analyse personal information! Enter your date of birth, and the app will calculate and generate information such as your Character Number, the corresponding 5 elements of your numbers, Chinese zodiac, horoscope and the 12 Officer Stars.

Love Partner Analysis

It’s good to know the Love Partner Number between you and your romantic partner. Here’s another information channel to help you understand each other better so that you can reduce the level of conflicts or hurt feelings. The analysis will also show a suitable external direction for both parties.


The "Tools Category" can be further upgraded! With each upgrade, more features can be unlocked as follows:

Current Year Flying Stars

The Flying Stars Chart is different each year. Understanding the chart helps you avoid the unfavourable sectors of your home to minimise negative influences. With this handy information, you will have peace of mind that things will turn out all right.

English Alphabet

We can even analyse English alphabets! Analyse your own name or your company’s name to learn about the pitfalls and blessings for the year.

Phone Calculator

Just enter the correct country code and phone number to obtain an immediate analysis of any phone number from around the world!