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The importance of the "Family Tree" is beyond your wildest imagination!

The "Family Tree" is a great tool to strengthen family ties and bring your family closer together! A person may not know the date and time of birth of their family members, thus it is a good chance to engage family members while creating the Family Tree. This interaction brings the family closer together, the long absent communication between family members can be re-established via this exercise as love begins to flourish. Isn’t this the basis behind a beautiful family interaction?

Analysis of the Family Tree allows you to understand your family members better, as well as alert you to the presence of fire-water clashes, 48/84 formation, day-month combination, special repetition combination, identical corner number, etc. Do pay more attention to your surroundings if you or your family members have the above number combination in your charts as these number patterns point to some hidden problems. Once you identify the root cause of the issues, you can then apply targeted solutions to the respective issues.

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