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Character Number

Character Number is a unique number that provides insight into who you are. If your Character Number is 2, you possess the personality traits of a Number 2 person. However, the catch is there are 81 possible permutations, so you will need your specific number combinations in order to get an accurate reading. Different number combinations give rise to different traits, but using the simple Character Number approach, you will uncover common characteristics that define those in the same group.


Your behavioural pattern is further broken down into your traits, strength, shortcomings, subconscious,introverted behaviour and extroverted behaviour. The latter is reflected as your attitude and your way of dealing with others.

Health Advice

When it comes to health status analysis, our approach is based on the balance of the 5 elements represented by your specific number combinations. We have prepared a vertical bar chart to indicate your health status in relation to your elements count. On the other hand, analysis will be conducted on your innate and prevailing personality for better understanding of the health areas requiring attention and the potential health issues which may arise in the future.

Love Concept

Love concept indicates your view and attitude towards the affairs of the heart, the importance of personal relationship in your life and your criteria for selecting a romantic partner or a spouse.

Career Advice

Career advice reveals your attitude and behaviour at work, as well as your likely suitable job roles as indicated by your unique number combination.

Special Number Analysis

It explains the significance of certain Special Number Combinations which occur in the personal chart of an individual, but not every person has this special set of numbers in his or her chart. No analysis will be given if this is not applicable to you.

Full Report

This section provides a summary of all the areas listed above.