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165 9Q Pewter Frame

A Full House and a Fulfilled Living

To live in a household of sufficiency, stability, and happiness is the kind of life we all aspire to. However, the key to this depends on whether one has a good living environment or not.

The 57society Pewter Frame series belongs to a series of household decor produced by 57society. It is designed using the combination of numbers methodology and a creative numerical culture, with a mission to create a distinct yet comfortable household environment.

Tailored to a household environment, the '165' 9Q Pewter Frame functions as more than a home furnishing, as it also improves the magnetic field of the house.

The Treasure of a Household

Our definition of a harmonious, happy household has always gone beyond the image of a beautiful house to include feelings of warmth and coziness. Without such feelings, the house is at best a 'shelter', not a home. Therefore, a happy living must be inclusive of flourishment, health, a successful career, vitality, prosperity, and others.

The '165' 9Q Pewter Frame not only improves the magnetic field of the house but also bring forward health, stability, and prosperity to its inhabitants. It can also offset the negative effects arising from the clash of watery and fire elements, giving its inhabitants the satisfaction of achieving 'a full house and a fulfilled living'.

The Perfect Arrangement, The Perfect Cycle- 1-6-5, 1-6-5, 1-6-5

The number 1-6-5 is a highly unique combination. This is because it drew its source from a kitchen's fire; and at the same time, complementing the Fire element from the kitchen to cover the entire house, holding its wealth and harmony in place.

Apart from the 'golden' arrangement consisting of three sets of 1-6-5, there is also the number 3 that represents the three Forces - Sky, Earth, and Man- which is followed by the largest single digit odd number 9. These numbers grouped together to form a perfect cycle, guaranteeing the long-lastingness of warmth and happiness in 'a full house and a fulfilled living'.

The Wisdom of the Five Elements: Wood Generates Fire, Fire Generates Earth

The '165' numerical combination on the '165' 9Q Pewter Frame is a rather special set of numbers as they can increase the happiness element within a house while also offsetting incompatible elements. The frame is also designed with a living environment in mind so that it not only enhances the beauty of the space but also improves on the negativity of its surrounding. Crafted in three colors (green, red, and yellow) using enamel hand-painting techniques, the frame reflects the self-renewing and self-perpetuating nature of the Five Elements, as illustrated by 'wood generates fire, fire generates earth' principle. This prolongs and sustains the positivity within the house.

Green represents Wood. In the generating cycle of Five Elements, wood feeds and generates fire. By strengthening the fire element, the green color enhances procreation and health.

Red as the color of fire brings the meaning of prosperity and development. The most important magnetic field in a house is one that is related to fire, for it symbolizes perpetuation and growth, as well as the accumulation of riches. By using the color red in the frame, it exemplifies the momentum and morale of the household, increasing career prospects and productive networks.

Yellow represents the element of Earth. According to the generating cycle of the Five Elements, fire creates earth, symbolizing the preservation wealth and the creation of more business and investment opportunities.

By supplying auspiciousness on a multilevel basis, '165' 9Q Pewter Frame aims to bring to families harmony, prosperity, health, and riches, providing the ideal environment for a full house and a fulfilled living!