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63 Compact Pewter Frame

It takes wisdom to overcome problems and it takes drive to achieve breakthrough. 63 give 9, with it comes the power to overcome your dilemma.

57 gives 3, 96 gives 6, and 63 gives 9. The number combination 63 symbolises perfection and satisfaction. It is derived from the multiplication of seven digits within the V Numbers Formula and nine digits exterior of the inverted triangle to form 63.

6 and 3 adds up to 9, a symbol of perfection. Number 6 represents wisdom and wealth, while number 3 represents heaven, earth and man, which literally mean being at the most opportune time, being at the right place and having the cooperation of the right people.

They symbolise the three conditions for success. The power to succeed is almost unstoppable when wisdom and wealth combines with the right time, place and people. People with numbers combination of 4-8=>3/8-4=>3 tend to have a strong sense of responsibility, but often go round in circles and unable to achieve breakthrough, causing them back to square one. 63 Compact Pewter Frame is able to negate the negative influences caused by number combinations 4-8=>3 / 8-4=>3. People whose V Numbers Formula contain these number combinations will be able to use the help of 63 Compact Pewter Frame to gain access to quick wits and wisdom to solve their problems.

Direction for Use:

Place it at the personal best direction. (Please refer to the VISIBER Personal Report of more details)

Gentle Reminder:

Try to avoid negative sectors of Yearly Flying Star if you would like to nail it on the wall.