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Amazing Twins Pendant

As we stride upwards towards our dreams, our hearts motivate us, and the stars carry our dreams. With a beating heart and a shining star, accompanied by the Numbers, we move towards realizing our dreams.

Most people had dreams when they were young. Yet, that star we tried to reach for during our childhood will fade in time, losing its glow and edges. Even so, as we look back, we may still see its shimmering light. We may hope that, with a telescope in our hands, we can still search for it, and find that that star of our dreams still exists in our hearts.

In Mandarin Chinese, the word ‘heart’ rhymes with the word for ‘stars’. When the two words combine in Cantonese, it rhymes with a term that means your ‘inner voice’. This suggests that both the rhythm of the shining star and the beating heart can emanate positive energy and a magnetic field. It propels us forward while keeping our initial dreams intact.

Keeping our initial dreams is easier said than done. In such a chaotic world, even the purest soul will be corrupted. Our youthful hearts will inevitably be exhausted by the pressures of life. Our initial path laid waste by life‘s many imperfections. Principles are luxuries as we struggle towards our goals. It is through such an arduous journey our life lost its lustre, and we grew bitter and regretful as we watched our dreams shattered helplessly.

The Numbers 57, 96, 63 will lead you straight to your heart and let you pick up the fragments of your dreams, so that it can be whole again.

Our dreams are the products of our youth, sweat and energy. Our lives grow and flourish because we dare to dream. As we savour our dreams, in its every contour and flavour, we must do as delicately as any hastiness will bring hurt to ourselves in the process. As our dreams mature, it will grow into a metaphorical tree in our hearts. With the help of the Numbers, we will be able to climb it and get closer to the stars.

57 Amazing Twins Pendant – Guides you across all the continents and oceans as you search globally for friends and partners to work towards your dreams.

63 Amazing Twins Pendant – An ode to wisdom, reminding you that wisdom and labor must work hand-in-hand to make your dreams come true.

96 Amazing Twins Pendant – Helps you to appreciate the opportunities around you, giving you greater inspiration and richer dreams.

Go seek your dreams with the Numbers 57, 63 and 96 as your companions to that shining star within your heart.

Materials: 9k White Gold / Enamel / Diamond