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Auscipious 8


In the 20 years since the beginning of spring in 2004, the world is running on the energy of the number ‘8’. In these 20 years, the only people who can successfully ride on the coattails of such auspiciousness are those that are truly capable and are willing to work steadily and progressively towards their targets. In fact, the 2019 Pig Year will be the peak year for this Auspicious 8 wave! As 2019 is the year of the 8 White Star, our Auspicious 8 Pewter will help muster its energy by adopting the figure of ‘8’, helping to extend the limits of your good luck. By securing the energy of the number ‘8’ at the best position, the Auspicious 8 Pewter Stand will stabilize your fortunes and help create infinite opportunities.

Legitimacy comes from having the right name. This is because a name not only represents a unique identity, but it also confers the person her individual rights. A complete Chinese name, while often only made up of three Chinese characters, is actually an embodiment of a rich cultural heritage. VISIBER inscribes your carefully chosen name on our high-quality products, enabling it to play a part in your work and life. Through its prominence and excellence, it’s time to truly make a mark with your name!

Find yourself the best posture to face challenges in this Year of the Pig by journeying through the curves and turns on the number ‘8’. Riches is coming to you, so drop your fear and embrace it. By embracing the riches of the world, happiness will follow like an eternal spring that will forever irrigate your life.