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Bridge of Galaxy Ring

The Milky Way, our very own Galaxy, is a beautiful river of light in the night sky. It holds great power and energy, and has captured the imagination of humanity since time immemorial. The Milky Way's gorgeous cascades are like the clearest diamonds shrouded in a cloak of infinite mysteries. The Bridge of the Galaxy ring has two lines of diamonds running parallel along the top of the ring and flanking the center diamond. The center diamond catches the attention of any eyes that gaze on it, and leads one's gaze down to the diamond-studded numerals 9 and 6 on the side of the ring, bringing attention to the central theme of the ring.

Brilliant yet subtle, dozens of small diamonds fuse seamlessly into the ring, much like our very own Milky Way. The blend of different design ideas works harmoniously to carry this wonderful piece in the collection.

The Bridge of the Galaxy is inspired by the accumulation of energies in the Universe, and is a symbol of a bridge that conveys and receives messages between the Universe and our soul. The numerals 9 and 6 highlight wisdom and wealth, so that the wearer can achieve perfect harmony on all fronts.