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Clover of Hope

The Clover of Hope lucky charm, when adorned around your wrist, gathers positive energies while attracting happiness to you! You would feel as if bliss is solidified around your wrist.Our latest product, the Clover of Hope good luck charm, is inspired by the symbolism of the four-leaf clover, which has long been perceived as a talisman for good luck. A symbol of positive energies, the Clover of Hope seeks to bring love and blessings to its wearer. Every leaf symbolises a different meaning - health, honour, wealth and gratitude or love.With only one four-leaf clover found in every 100,000 three-leaf clovers, a four-leaf clover is extremely rare, which makes the finder extremely lucky! Hence, the four-leaf clover is viewed as a symbol of good luck and hope in both Eastern and Western cultures. The Japanese even believe that finding a four-leaf clover not only signifies good luck, but it brings happiness to the finder and those around him or her.Everyone has the desire to pursue happiness, and wearing the Clover of Hope around your wrist will help you find what you are looking for! Believe in happiness and it will come knocking on your door in no time.

PS: Chant to activate the powers of the Clover of Hope
One leaf for honour
One leaf for wealth
One leaf for love
One leaf for health

O Clover of Hope! The power lies within you.

As you finish reading the above chant, hold the Clover of Hope in your palm and place it next to your heart as you make your wish.

* Green and 9. The green Clover of Hope reflects light upon the digit of success - the number 9 and spreads the message of health. In glittering green, it embraces the tenacious vitality of plants which helps you face challenges with enthusiasm and grab firmly onto opportunities. Both the colour green and the number 9 belong to the Wood Element in the Theory of the Five Elements, enabling them to build upon each other for greater protection of health as well as attract more opportunities and recognition.