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An upgraded version of copper coins is now being offered in the form of copper beads! Shaped in spheres, the copper beads is a symbol of fulfilment, and they offer a more exquisite and aesthetic alternative to neutralise negative energy field or 'chi' flow in style!

Copper beads are the essential components in VISIBER Treasure Vessel II and Ionic Vessel when they are used with saline solution made from VISIBER's special sea salt, the combination creates a synergy to bring balance to the energy field in the environment which you reside in.

Experiments have shown that the improved copper beads exhibit better neutralisation power in saline solution compared to copper coins, because the aggregation of many tiny beads provides a higher surface area for maximum coverage. A greater outcome can be achieved with improved efficiency. Thus, VISIBER has decided to replace the copper coins in favour of copper beads to allow users to experience a better-balanced energy field.