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Capitalise on The Law of Attraction

There are times when fate can let us down. Instances such as, not crossing paths with the right person; meeting the right person at the wrong time; missing an investment opportunity; or caught up in our careers by a competitive colleague, can be very distressing. Yet, as the metaphor goes, disappointment is a recurring pattern in life. What we can do is to figure out how to maximize our chances.

Have you heard of the Law of Attraction? It can transform your life profoundly.

Good Relationships Begin with 147

Do you want your relationship to blossom? When we mention relationships, it needs not be limited to love and marriage. Family, career, and society these are all areas we hope our relationships can blossom.

Good relationships can be very helpful in all aspects of our lives. A good example is that, if a child encounters a good teacher in school, his or her life can turn out drastically different. The guided child will then have every chance to change society for the better.

Compared to our schooling days, our adult life is even more demanding of good relationships. Rich relationships and expanded networks help us muster all the help we can get; earn us patience from others; and generally, make all our endeavors less challenging. During periods of setbacks, helping hands and support networks will help us feel less lonely. Not only has that, good networking brought us social capital, including mentors that won’t hesitate to give us timely advice.

The truth is, our social interactions and the recognitions we get from them are formative of our daily experiences, which, in turn, influence our life paths. Therefore, it is safe to say that relationships are key to determining our present and future successes.

Did You Know? Good Relationships can be channeled ...

One may say fate is overrated because there is a saying that you control your own destiny.

By channelling your fate through numbers, VISIBER’s Desiree Pendant helps attract and foster the kind of productive networks you desired. The graceful lines on both sides of the pendants are like vines that clamber and curl at the edges of the numbers 1, 4, 7, signifying rich connections coming from every sides and corners.

The Desiree Pendant enhances the possibility of magnetizing good and positive relationship, be it amongst individuals or business circles.

Peach blossom normally flourishes under these 4 zodiac signs: rat, rabbit, horse and rooster!! They are positioned in North, East, South and West but not in any particular order. The 147 number combination is derived from the year of the above 4 zodiacs where they play very important role in both attracting and projecting good aura to increase interpersonal attraction, likeability, creating positive attention and strong favoritism in their respective social circles.

The Desiree pendant helps to attract good peach blossom where individuals are stitched together via the magnetism of 147 so that desired relationship outcome can be attained.

The importance of relationships lies in the fact that the wider our relationships, the higher the chance of us meeting a key partner or supporter. Through it, we build our wealth, attract the ideal partner and meaningful friendships, or even chanced upon our dream job or new interests. Simply said, relationships make our life better, smoother, and more rewarding.

If life is, after all, a pursuit of happiness, why not craft your own fate with the Desiree Pendant?


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