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Dewy Drops of Contentment Pendant


Traditionally used as a symbol of good luck, the bottle gourd signifies the protection of the next generation. The bottle gourd in Mandarin is homophonic to 'fu lu' (meaning good fortune and prosperity respectively) and thus making it very popular amongst the people who believe that it provides a blessing of happiness and nobility across generations. Its beautiful meaning was revered and passed down across the ages. VISIBER's Dewy Drops of Contentment pendant takes the iconic shape of the bottle gourd and fuses it with the Arabic numerals 96 to create a visually stunning piece.

According to VISIBER's number studies, 96 represents the creation of opportunity through wisdom, making it a key to achieving success in life. Not only that, the most valuable quality of the number is that it serves as a reminder for us to rise up to the challenges in life with a positive attitude. It is also a piece of art that brings out our inner and outer beauty. As such, VISIBER's jewelry line is fondly referred to as fashion that dances to the rhythm of life.

The Dewy Drops of Contentment pendant is crafted using an advanced enamelling technique to imbue part the pendant face and the VISIBER logo with brilliant gold which represents Metal. The pendant face is also beautifully adorned with crystals by Swarovski Elements to add a touch of dazzle to the pendant to impart an air of premium luxury and fashionable chic. A matching colour Swarovski crystal is studded at the centre to enhance its signature eye-catching glint. This is in harmony with the concept that every positive thought will bring positive dreams to fruition.