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Eternal Prosperity Pendant

“Hu Lu”, the calabash, the “bottle gourd”, “葫蘆”

“Hu Lu” (葫蘆) means respectively good fortune and prosperity in Mandarin. This fruit is known in the Chinese culture to provide both nutritional and healthy benefits. Its hard shell was used as a gourd, a dipper or an instrument to play music. This bottle could contain either medicinal beverage or wine.Traditionally used as a symbol of good luck, the bottle gourd signifies the protection of the next generation. Through its proven health benefits, the calabash is known to absorb negative energy, called the “ki” in Mandarin, connoted in the first Chinese character of “Hu lu” (葫蘆), which is the same pronunciation of the word “to protect” (護) and “blessing” (祜). Additionally, the shape of the gourd resembles to the number “8” symbol of luck and propitious in the Chinese culture for thousand years. “Hu” (葫) also suggests “Fu” (福) : “happiness” and “good fortune”, that sounds like “Fu Lu” (福禄), which means “happiness” and “rank and emolument of nobility”. Chinese language features numerous written symbols, sometimes with a similar pronunciation, that Chinese tends to connect and associate to one another.For instance, trailing gourds and vines are defined as “man” (蔓), which pronunciation can also be10,000: “wan” in Mandarin (萬).As the gourd contains multiple seeds, “Hu Lu”, is associated to “10,000 children”, which shows the importance of fertility in the ancient China.

“Hu Lu” and the numbers 5796

Eternal Prosperity pendant takes the iconic shape of the bottle gourd and fuses it with the Arabic numerals 5796 to create a visually stunning piece, that hides meaningful significations. Numbers 5 and 7 represent social network and social activities. The combination of these numbers draws immense energy that benefits the expansion of one's social circle. The number “57” represents control over the 5 elements (metal, wood, water, fire, earth) and 7 emotions (joy, anger, worry, longing, grief, fear, shock), and thus promotes balance in life. Meanwhile, numbers 9 and 6 represent wisdom and wealth. They carry energy that helps the increase of one's wealth, boosts wearer's creativity and promotes career advancement, therefore positively attracting greater prosperity and rewards to life. The numerical energy and magnetic field of both designs bring forth a charisma, enhances popularity and up your nobleman luck. '96' represents “time” that allows wealth and success to accumulate through experience and wisdom. Manage your time wisely, and success will become a breeze. A Win-Win combination indeed.

A high-end process, combining enamel and diamonds

The association of a rich radiant layering of enamel with the world's most resolute eternal crystal pure diamonds demonstrate the most high-end technology, outlined by the clever use of the numbers 5796 underlying the main gourd shape of the “Hu Lu”. The five elements are distinguished through the five colors available: gold, blue, red, green and yellow.


Broad-mind personality; someone who never gives up. Represents calm and serenity.


Shining and charming personality.Represents warmth and happiness.


With youth prosperity, vitality and vigor; someone who is friendly. Represents freshness and hope.


Positive and enthusiastic personality;with a sincere and active character. Represents wealth and unrestrained enthusiasm.


With a fast and energetic character; someone who is frank. Represents strong entrepreneurial spirit.