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Family Unity 9Q Pewter Frame

What is ‘home’ to you?

A home can take on physical and psychological meanings. Physically, a home is a tangible existence that occupies a space where we reside. Psychologically, a home can be viewed as an abstract space where our partner or member of family offers their support. Regardless of the form our home takes, it is a place where we find stability, warmth, a sense of belonging and togetherness. At the end of the day, we are all working hard towards a better home and family.

Life is full of ups, downs and plenty of uncertainties where challenges or roadblocks can hit out at us anytime. None of us hope to see our home being affected, and we will try any means to protect and improve our home.

We are aware that everyone has an intrinsic and an extrinsic set of 9 Palaces ⟨also known as 9Q⟩. Placing a personalised 9Q Pewter Frame at an appropriate location within our home can significantly improve a person’s fortune. What about a customized 9Q Pewter Frame for the benefit of the entire family?

The FAMILY UNITY 9Q Pewter Frame is your answer!

Our living environment not only affects the emotion of each family member, but also their personalities. Therefore, improving the home’s magnetic field and ambience empowers the occupants of the house to live life more enthusiastically, securely and happily. The FAMILY UNITY 9Q Pewter Frame is designed to bring blessings to a family by incorporating the essential elements conducive to a happy home and arranging these elements in a beneficial layout based on 57Society’s professional insights.

Every family has its own set of problems. Hence, each FAMILY UNITY 9Q Pewter Frame is customized to address the unique issues faced by each family.

The pewter frame features 9 palaces that help to improve the wellbeing of a family. The goals include expanding the family, ensuring good health, smooth career, good interpersonal relationship, strong vitality, enhancing wealth while keeping away discord, accidents or theft.

The arrangement of the 9 palaces is finetuned to improve the magnetic field of the home and to boost the positivity of the home ambience. A house is more than a building; it is a sanctuary that provides security, warmth and love.

The FAMILY UNITY 9Q Pewter Frame is a useful home décor item that has its design principles based on novel perspective of number studies and environmental studies. It redefines what we perceive as the environment and instills hope as well as creates a better future for the family.

All about pewter plates and frame: A well-thought-out layout

The FAMILY UNITY 9Q Pewter Frame features 9 round pewter plates arranged in a specific order. The layout reflects situations which the family members might encounter as well as the best way to counter these issues. An ideal layout not only wards off disaster and turns unfavorable situations into blessings, it can bring enhancement to favorable situations. All in all, the pewter frame helps to improve the family’s magnetic field and surround the family with a positive atmosphere. Each piece of round pewter plate is light and neat, and it features a gold-plated core. The theme represented by each plate is self-explainable and easy to understand.

The meaning behind each of the 9 pewter plates is described as follows:

57 Phoenix –

Signifies harmony within the household, wealth luck and romance luck; improves career advancement, business progression, prosperity and an abundance of offspring.

Wealth and Health Come Together ­

Wards off illnesses, injury or accidents.

Harmony begets wealth ­

Wards off argument, gossip or lawsuit.

Fated Destiny ­

Improves academic performance, enhances interpersonal relationship and popularity.

Complete victory ­

Manages strong destructive power with care to avoid disaster or untoward incidents.

63 Auspicious Deer ­

Improves chances of promotion, gaining wealth and meeting with helpful people to aid in career development.

Good luck and happiness ­

Reduces chances of accident, theft or loss of wealth.

The Auspicious 8 ­

Enhances chances of gaining wealth through smart work or windfall, improves overall luck, celebrations abound.

96 Mythical Pixiu ­

Improves career, domestic luck; invites happy events at home, such as possibility of marriages and expansion of the family.

An outline of a bat decorates each corner of the frame. In the Chinese language, ‘bat’ ⟨蝙蝠⟩ sounds like ‘good fortune’ ⟨福⟩, which is why the bat is traditionally used in Chinese culture to represent blessings as well as to bring good luck in relationship and wealth to the users. Behind each bat lies the word ‘享’ (enjoyment) to signify the user of this frame gets to enjoy eternal familial bliss. The 57SOCIETY logo can be found at the bottom of the FAMILY UNITY 9Q Pewter Frame as a mark of authenticity.

Helping you build a happy family

Unity is the key to maintaining family ties, and this stems from our deepest desire to treat each family member honestly and with the utmost concern and love. Only the deepest care can overcome the biggest of obstacles and bring the family to true blessings. The FAMILY UNITY 9Q Pewter Frame is designed to help members of a household to ward off dangers and welcome bliss. By placing this pewter frame at an appropriate place, you improve the magnetic field of your home and create an ambience that is conducive to familial harmony and mutual love. This lays a solid foundation for a happy family and a blessed future.