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Flower of Life Ring

The star of the VISIBER CROWN SERIES is the Flower of Life blue sapphire ring. This ring is crafted with a 3 karat oval-shaped royal blue sapphire. Fringed with 12 diamonds, it takes the form of a grand blossom, like the majestic king of flowers, resembling the feel of a royalty. It is an art piece made for dazzling beauty and trendy looks, meant as a perfect expression of timeless elegance. The royal blue sapphire is a rare gemstone sought after by bidders at auctions. Royal blue sapphire, also called 'The Tear of God', indeed has names that suit its enchanting beauty. Rich in color and glowing with perfect clarity, it is the favorite gemstone of royalty, and is the world's most precious blue sapphire. The royal blue sapphire, a symbol of loyalty and faithfulness, was once Princess Diana's favorite gemstone.

Crystal clear, it displays a supernatural mystic hue. A bewildering charm indeed! Prince William of Wales recently created another romantic legend by making the royal blue sapphire ring he inherited from his mother Princess Diana the engagement ring for his fiancée.

The VISIBER logo sits on one side of the ring, featuring a bedazzling diamond at the center of the logo. On top of the logo, the center blue sapphire sits surrounded by smaller diamonds. This makes an immaculate combination, like a ruler wearing a crown. The idea behind the design of the VISIBER CROWN SERIES is to a build a leading jewelry brand that showcases classical and contemporary designs inspired by numbers. Below the setting, a row of sparkling diamonds draws amazing attention.

The numerals 9 and 6 set in diamonds at both sides of the center stone hint that wisdom is the key requirement to success and wealth. The number 96 represents Time in VISIBER Studies. Effective time management facilitates the amassing of wisdom and wealth. The enamel on the ring setting accentuates the numerals 9 and 6, establishing ultimate elegance. The motif beneath the numerals is vividly akin to blossoming fireworks, which hint at jubilant celebration and signify the rise of luck. Diamonds holds the reputation for eternal beauty, while fireworks symbolize momentary magnificence. The combination of these two highlights the importance of opportunity and time. The Flower of Life blue sapphire ring is not just a symbol of superior status, but also a reflection of the timeless fashion of the VISIBER CLASSIC SERIES.