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Ionic Vessel - The importance of negative ions

In everyday living, air pollution and electromagnetic radiation emitted by electronic gadgets continually deplete negative ions in our environment while increasing the number of positive ions, leading to a downgrade of the quality of life. We need a negative ion generator to help bring back the positive-negative ion balance.

The Ionic Vessel now comes in a trendy black colour and artistic design, featuring high quality porcelain imbued with negative ions to effectively neutralise the magnetic field! Negative ions are also called 'air vitamin' for their ability to purify the air.

The vessel symbolises togetherness, fulfilment and attainment. The presence of negative ions in high concentration purifies the air besides bringing the symbolic significance to a higher level. The new Ionic Vessel is the treasure every family needs to regulate the home environment.

Treasure Vessel

Negative ions at different concentration and their corresponding benefits:

The benefits of negative ions can only be felt if they are present in high numbers. Stringent test has shown that the VISIBER Ionic Vessel contains as many as 1,200 to 1,500 negative ions.

Negative Ions Concentration(ions/cm3) Degree of Air Cleanliness Health Benefit
72,000 Very clean Very beneficial
1,500 to 2,000 Clean Beneficial
1,000 to 1,500 Moderately clean Moderately beneficial
500 to 1,000 Ordinary Normal
≤ 500 Dirty Not beneficial

Design Concept:

The Ionic Vessel design engraved among the waves is the number 168, representing three auspicious stars of the annual flying star constellation: The 1 White Star controls career, popularity and wealth; the 6 White Star controls supporting friends, promotion and wealth; the 8 White Star controls wealth and celebrations. With the adverse magnetic field neutralised, the auspicious stars are able to exert their beneficial influence to the fullest.

On closer look, the 96 number combination is cleverly positioned in the design to embrace the number 168 to signify that smart exploitation of opportunities, plus clever planning, will bring in health, harmony and wealth.


Balancing principle -To neutralize the bad chi flow on 'Grand Duke', '2 Black Stars' and '5 Yellow Stars'

The Ionic Vessel acts on a balancing principle, the presence of sulphur oxide and carbon dioxide in the air renders the acidic level in the air. This is bad for the inhaler's health. After inhaling it for a period of time, we will eventually fall sick.

The VISIBER coins and saline water produces a basic solution that neutralizes the acidic level in the air flow within the household. The acidicity in the air is purified while the magnetic field is balanced. The Ionic Vessel is imbued with negative ions to effectively neutralise adverse magnetic fields, besides purifying the air.