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The Macro Quantum Pewter Frame is an upgraded version of our popular Quantum Pewter Frame. In this latest version, motifs which represent good fortune, wealth, longevity and happiness are incorporated into the design to add blessings to its user and to lend the pewter an air of exquisiteness.

The exquisitely crafted Macro Quantum Pewter Frame features clouds motif matched with bats motif to symbolise unbounded happiness. This design philosophy greatly enhances the meaning behind the pewter frame.

Bat is a homonym to blessings in Chinese. Hence, it is not surprising that the bat is traditionally used to represent good fortune, longevity, luck and happiness. When bats and clouds motifs are presented together, they mean endless blessings, continual good fortune, happiness and smooth sailing in one's endeavour.

The Macro Quantum Pewter Frame not only imbues its user with the energy associated with happiness, the design on the back is a delightful surprise waiting to be discovered! Number 1 through 9 are carved onto the pewter frame stand; of which, number 9 and 6 are designed to resemble a traditional 'Ruyi' knot while the '57' trademark cements its extraordinary significance.

The Macro Quantum Pewter Frame continues the series' unique customisable feature that allows the user to rearrange the position of the number 1 to 9 through its detachable round pewter plate based on the user's needs. The frame can be hung on the wall or to be placed on a surface through its stand. The sleek design does not take up excessive amount of space and is small enough to carry with you wherever you go.

The number combination on the Macro Quantum Pewter Frame can be adjusted freely to suit the home environment or the user's needs. This ensures not only the optimal improvement of the energy field, but also enhances the aesthetics of the home to create a personalised living environment.

Unique feature:
Improves situations through fine-tuning of the environmental energy field.

Life is full of ups and downs as well as many unknowns. We might find ourselves suddenly staring at unexpected challenges as our environment changes constantly with time. The Macro Quantum Pewter Frame is designed such that its user can adjust the number combination on the frame to suit his or her needs so that the best possible outcome can be achieved.

The Macro Quantum Pewter Frame has one very important feature: its number combination can be re-arranged to provide improvement to a person's specific situation. This allows immediate rectification or improvement to the problems faced, including those which involve money, health, noble people, love, career, studies, etc.

The arrangement of the numbers on the Macro Quantum Pewter Frame is based on the user's date of birth, his or her Heavenly Stems and Earthly Branches, the flying stars palaces as well as VISIBER's proprietary knowledge to create targeted formation for maximum benefits. The numeric arrangement significantly improves the user's energy field and creates a positive environment for success. If you want to enhance the positive effects of the energy field, match this pewter frame with VISIBER number-inspired jewelry.

Our living environment affects our emotions and plays a role in shaping our personality. That is why improving the energy field of our surrounding environment allows us to face life with renewed vigour and energy. The launch of the Macro Quantum Pewter Frame is a game-changer in our ability to affect our environment for a brighter tomorrow.