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Numbers of Three Kingdoms Pewter Sculpture

From the Chinese classic text, Romance of the Three Kingdoms

Contesting Strategies and Wisdom

Being stylish is an attitude of life, while fashion is a reflection of wisdom. A trend that integrates the cosmic energy is furthermore a beauty with imagination. The enigmatic charm of the mysterious Galaxy series is heart tempting. This galaxy inspired series of silver number pendant captures the moment of ravishing beauty of a meteor shower, where the young hearts discover the fundamentals of fashion.

In the vast expanse of galaxies, the young and brave hearts explore the unknown fearlessly. Through the sharing of wisdom of VISIBER numbers characteristics, a brand new journey of thought towards the mysterious unknown is unlocked, thus absorbing the strength to transform one's web of life towards a brighter future.

The exquisite Ⓥ Silver Galaxy Pendant is designed around numerals '1' to '9'. According to personal circumstances, wearer chooses a different combination of numeral and clour variations (Gold, Green, Blue, Red, and Yellow) based on specific needs. The gorgeous and stylish galaxy pendant blends perfectly with the insight of VISIBER numbers' characteristics as well as the five elements (Metal, Wood, Water, Fire and Earth), conveying the beauty of the wisdom of VISIBER.