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Pearl of Orient

Your eyes will be drawn to the 13 to 14 millimeter-diameter golden pearl hanging delicately beneath the oval diamond-lined pendant, when you gaze upon the Pearl of the Orient 96 Diamond Pendant for the first time. Diamonds, pearl, and cold enamel coloring come together to create a VISIBER masterpiece fit for the nobility. '96' represents wisdom and wealth, and helps one towards the path of success by drawing on creativity and wisdom.

The central theme of the Pearl of the Orient 57 Diamond Pendant is a 13 to 14 millimeter-diameter golden pearl. The oval pendant is mounted with diamonds and colored using the cold enamel technique to accentuate the noble allure of the pearl. This classic VISIBER pendant emanates an elegant charm amidst its beauty and powers. The number 57 signifies good relationships as well as the 5 oceans and 7 continents. In other words, its wearer will be blessed with the power to influence people all over the world.