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Pendant of Hope Fortune

China's Unique 'Fu' (福) Culture

'Fu' (福) is the Chinese word for 'Fortune' or 'Blessing'. Originally, the word referred to the wine offered to the gods to pray for abundance and personal well-being. Gradually, the meaning evolved and was extended to refer to one's pursuit of the ideal life and bountiful material wealth.

The cultural significance of 'Fu' was developed over thousands of years of Chinese history and is now an important part of the Chinese culture, permeating across every facet of a person's life. The desires and hopes for a better life are common across the ages. Whether it was our ancestors from the era bygone or us finding our ways in today's world, all of us seek to find our 'Fu' in life. Though 'Fu' is just a simple word, it holds the dreams and aspirations of everyone wishing for a better tomorrow.

A Mouthful of Field (一口田) Ensures Wealth and Abundance (衣禄全)

In the old days, having food on the table daily and be well dressed are considered signs of fortune and blessings, hence the Chinese character of 'Fu' (福) comprises the radicals for 'one' (一), 'mouth' (口) and 'field' (田) as well as a radical for 'clothes' (衣). The radical for 'clothes' (衣) also inferred happiness and wealth. When taken as a whole, the word 'Fu' symbolises having sufficient food and clothing. The meaning extends even further when we consider the common 'Five Blessings (lit. Five Fu)' of life: longevity, wealth, health, love of virtue and peaceful death. It is clear that 'Fu' goes beyond material wealth to encompass spiritual fulfilment and the yearning which leads to the pursuit of a beautiful life.

Pendant of Hope-Fortune 96, 57, 63

It's very important for the Five Blessings: longevity, wealth, health, love of virtue and peaceful death to be activated and received in sequence and without obstruction. The number 57 brings us good people luck from across the 5 oceans and 7 continents; 96 helps us create business opportunities and wealth to bring us endless success and glory under the guidance of wisdom. All paths leading to 'Fu' require the guiding light of 63 (signifies taking wise actions) to materialise! Only with the combination of 96, 57, 63 can true blessings be achievable.

Pendant of Hope-Fortune and the Five Elements

In nature, the five elements: metal, wood, water, fire and earth interact with each other and are found in a harmonious balance. On the other hand, the Five Blessings are defined in the Classic of History (尚書洪範) as longevity, wealth, health, love of virtue and peaceful death.

The 5 elements react with each other. In a Productive relationship, also known as the Productive Cycle, the 5 elements act as unceasing waves of life that continue to move upwards (earth produces metal, metal produces water, water produces wood, wood produces fire, fire forms earth). Such cycle of creation is the same as observed in the movement of the 5 Blessings.

Pendant of Hope-Fortune 57 is crafted using an exquisite enameling process that fully brings out the beauty of the five elements in gold, blue, red, green and yellow which is then matched with beautifully cut and polished diamonds, the hardest material in the world, to bring you blessings that are impossible to shatter. User may choose the colour according to her personal 5 element.

Gold: Shiny gold colour which is synonymous with strong leadership style and confidence that will help the pendant's owner towards creating a golden future.

Blue: Exudes strength as well as grace. Blue signifies good communication skill that is persuasive and charming.

Red: Passionate like fire which is conducive in growing relationship. The pendant's owner has no problem in gaining support from others.

Green: Firm and tenacious which is synonymous with strong vitality. It will help the pendant's owner absorb fresh knowledge and put it to good use so that she could show off her talents and ambition.

Yellow: Like a great land, its owner treats others with kindness and magnanimity. In return, this generosity will help her lead a meaningful and fulfilling life.


Diamonds, 9K white gold, fully hand crafted high quality enamel