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Product Knowledge

  • Remove ring during active sports avoid unnecessary scratches / dents
  • Remove jewellery prior to use lotion, cosmetics, hair spray, perfumes and other chemicals
  • Avoid contact with household cleaning liquid with chemical contained
  • Remove jewellery prior to swimming activity
  • Minimise hand touching on jewellery to prevent oil / sweat build up
  • Avoid using something abrasive to clean jewellery, use lint free cloth to dry jewellery after cleaning / got wet
  • Avoid chemicals such as cosmetics, hair spray and perfume could composed of Calcium Carbonate
  • Avoid sweat with Acid contained may erode Enamel layer
  • Avoid water with mildly Acid contained may erode Enamel layer
  • Avoid high heat (Not more than 100oC) and dryness may damage Enamel structure. Limit use of Jewellery (Especially Ring) when anticipate working may scratching Enamel surface, worst case could damage Enamel.
  • Sweat with Acid contained
  • Change in body chemistry due to age / pregnancy
  • Use of cosmetics, hand cream, suntan lotion and etc
  • Contact with certain household chemicals, bath oils, body lotions, baby powder and etc
  • New prescription medication, iron pills, increase in acidic foods or drinks
  • A sign of tarnishing is when there is discoloration on silver and other precious metals. This is a natural process.
  • Silver tarnishing occurs due to exposure to materials containing sulphur and acid (including those found in sweat and skin oils) combined with other agents such as oxygen, moisture and humidity.
  • Various medications, perfumes, beauty products, the foods we eat and the pH balance of an individual's skin will also affect the silver, causing it to tarnish.
  • To prevent any tarnishing and discoloration, we recommend that you clean your VISIBER silver jewelry regularly.
  • You can maintain the pristine appearance of your sterling silver jewelry with minimal effort. We recommend the following steps: Clean your jewelry regularly with a special cloth (available for purchase at Visiber branches.) Silver scratches easily so always use the softest cloth you can find for polishing. Never rub silver with anything other than a polishing cloth or a fine piece of felt.
  • Do not swim with your jewelry on as salt water and chlorine can damage silver.
  • To keep your jewelry from blackening, and also to protect it from scratches, keep your jewelry in a jewelry box, a closed drawer or a small bag.
  • Keep jewelry away from chemicals (including lotions and perfumes) that can damage silver
  1. Chrome & Polish
  2. Cleaning
  3. Ring Size Enlarge/Reduce
  4. Laser Engraving
  5. Laser Welding
  6. Redo Enamel
  7. Crystal Replacement
  8. Diamond Replacement
  9. Hook Replacement
  10. Pearl Replacement
  11. Swarovski Replacement
  12. Others