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Fulfilment of Hope Made Easy through V-Numbers Empowerment

Hope, whether it´s your own aspiration or your expectation of others, regardless of its size or scale, reach out for it, embrace it, and fulfil it!

We should not expect too much of others, but instead, focus on having bigger aspiration for ourselves. The bigger the aspiration, the stronger the driving force to propel us forward fearlessly as we take firm steps to reach out for our goals, turning aspiration into reality.

Our aspiration is akin toa contract we make with ourselves, a contract that never expires. The spirit of V-Numbers is always with us in the process of turning aspirations into reality, serving as a reminder and rendering support so that we do not feel alone in our pursuit.

The Ring of Hope carries the meaning of " Hope and Agreement ". The moment the ring is placed on our finger, we seal the bond between our aspiration and number, signifying a companionship that lasts a life time.

VISIBER jewellery collection is known for its timeless style and remarkable workmanship. The Ring of Hope´s understated dazzle exudes a stately luxury reserved for the chic. Such is the intricacy of the workmanship that the smooth appearance of the ring reveals the extraordinary details upon one´s touch.

The Ring of Hope is finished in bright enamel with diamonds carefully set to embellish the style. Diamond is the hardest material on earth. Its property symbolises the indestructible nature of love as well as unwavering commitment.

The engraved numbers " 57 ", " 96 " and " 63 " have remarkable meanings and provide the wearer a constant reminder. 57 represents good interpersonal relationship across 5 oceans and 7 continents; 96 is the number for business opportunities, wealth, success and honour under the guidance of wisdom; 63 represents the need for wisdom and actions to overcome all challenges.

Putting on the Ring of Hope is putting the future into the driving seat!

Material: 2K white gold, Diamond, Enamel, Swarovski crystal