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Ring of the Soul

'The Ring of the Soul' draws its inspiration from the window to the soul - our eyes. The designer successfully fused the image of the eye into the ring, creating the most innovative design of the year. The edges of the ring set resemble the human eye, and the diamond-studded borders resemble the upper and lower eyelids. The numerals 9 and 6 in white gold are like the optic nerves that give life to the eye. The central diamond is held in place securely by the four-claw gemstone set. Beneath the 'eye' lies the hollow body of the ring, with seemingly random strokes.

On closer scrutiny however, one can see how the 'S' shapes come together to form an infinity sign (?), symbolizing the union of space and time.

The design reveals the exquisite taste and creativity of the designer, and showcases how simple ideas can be transformed into supreme works of unique and magnificent beauty. This item is the preferred style for the fashionable woman.