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Silver Trinity Diamond Ring

The infinite wisdom of numbers is akin to the vastness of the universe. It is full of mysteries awaiting your exploration and discovery. Visualization leads you on your journey of awareness across your own intricate mind, and brings you the trinity of perfection, satisfaction, and promise. Between black and white lies a gleam of silver, a silver ray of hope, of beauty... and of truth. The silver resplendence has returned.

The all-new Silver Trinity Diamond Ring in the Silver Galaxy Series carries on the tradition and characteristics of VISIBER's jewelry line, but adds a touch of delectable and contemporary style that highlights the explosive power of the universe. This silver-based series emphasizes the taste of the new century, and seeks to bring out the charm and elegance of silver.

The Silver Trinity Diamond Ring is surrounded by the Arabic numerals 1 to 9, with a diamond-encrusted 96 taking the center stage. The numbers surrounding the 96 merge seamlessly into the silver, creating a cascading look that is most delectable to the eye. The use of black and white cold enameling is the most visually striking signature for both of the Silver Trinity Diamond Rings in the new Silver Galaxy Series.

Black and white are the most contrasting colors in the entire color spectrum. However, these two colors, which are at the opposing ends of the color spectrum, complement each other, maintaining an equilibrium. The Tai Ji diagram created in ancient China uses these two colors to signify the balance between Yin and Yang.

3 represents a trinity. Trinity symbolizes perfection, satisfaction, and promise. 3 is also a number of mutual dependence and restraint, thus rendering the number 3 extremely powerful. In the number 3 lies the infinite explosive power of creation. In Numbers Methodology, the number 3 is represented by action. The universe is made up of energy, and our will is a powerful source of energy - the source of action.

The Silver Trinity Diamond Ring highlights the strength of the VISIBER brand, and empowers the wearer to harness the power of the universe and the charm of Numbers. With it you are not just a follower of fashion or trends, but a leader in style. Such is the power of the Silver Trinity Diamond Ring. Let it be your most beautiful encounter with the sheer power of Numbers.