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VISIBER introduces a refined version of the 9Q Pewter Frame- our 9 Royals Pewter Frame. Not only does it showcase the importance of the nine-quadrant grid to a harmonious home, the numbers 9 and 5 also contain special meanings.

The number 9 represents numbers 1 to 9, hence it combines all the qualities and advantages of the 9 digits, not to mention its meanings of effort, success, fame, and achievement. 9 is also the largest of numbers. The ancients think that 9 is the most positive, imaginative, and extreme number. It always carries the meaning of maximum, or limitless, such as the Nine Heavens (to describe the tallest); nine bent (to describe curved roads); ninth realm (to describe a far and remote place); Nine Royals (to describe a supreme position); the nine tripod cauldrons (a symbol of state power); the radius of the nine provinces (a vast area); ninth fountain (to describe extreme depth); the Double Nine (Chung Yeung) Festival (an important date to commemorate respect and filial piety, where the Chinese also follow the symbolic tradition of going high places on that day); as well as the combination of two Nines that brings the meaning of unity and reborn.

Interestingly, the Chinese idiom of [Nine-Nine to Zero] actually means from the starting point to the end and from the end point to a new start. It works like a perpetually advancing, yet rotating motion, resembling the different phases of our lives where we make choices that led from one beginning to an end, and to another beginning.

The infinite power of the number 9 is subtly reflected in the totem behind each numbers of The 9 Royals Pewter Frame. Breathtakingly, within the numbers is a surprise, whereby the numbers 1 to 9 is being encapsulated. This creates an enriching sense of limitless fulfillment, deeply grasping the meaning and essence of [most and innumerable] of the number 9.

The number 5 not only represents the five elements, but also the five planets. In this case, the five planets that can be seen with the human eye, which is Venus, Jupiter, Mercury, Mars, and Saturn. In the ancient texts there is this recorded phenomenon called 'a string of five stars', which refers to the five planets, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn, appearing in the night sky arranged in a straight line. This astronomical phenomenon is interpreted as an omen of regime change and the rise of a wise ruler.

The Five Elements that is Gold, Wood, Water, Fire, and Earth are entwined together and bound by an internal logic and order. This logic and order includes a cycle that is mutually constructing and destructing; balanced by a relationship of multiplication, contradiction, and paralleling construction and destruction.

This balanced relationship between the Five Elements is very important. And because every element is beholden to the other four Elements, they together form a delicate balance in the natural world. For thousands of years, this theory of balance between the Five Elements has been widely appropriated for human life.


  • According to lunisolar calculation, every individual has a unique combination of numbers. These numbers are cast onto the dynamic The 9 Royals Pewter Frame.

  • The customised engraving at the back of The 9 Royals Pewter Frame not only enhances the frame with a good name, but also added to its uniqueness.

  • The use of a suitable colour scheme initiates and strengthens the use of the Five Elements. It is the key to increasing one's wisdom and energy field.

  • The pewter frame is designed to be lightweight and easy to carry. It can also be displayed independently, be it on a table top using a support frame, or hung on the wall.