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If you truly understood what love is about, you would be more appreciative of the happiness now in your grasp while you wait for a perfect relationship or marriage to come. In the fanciful world of relationship, the more we try to seek love, the further love seems to shy away. The same principle applies to jewellery ownership and appreciation. Most often, the most valuable things to us are the ones which have always been around us. The Scent of Love epitomises today's love affair. It embodies goodness, and extends its blessings on a blissful union. Most important of all, it reminds us to treasure what we have and the loved ones around us.

The Scent of Love Pendant

A Lifelong Companionship with Numbers

At VISIBER, we connect with our customers via the appreciation of beautiful and fashionable jewellery. We advocate the use of the fashion appeal of jewellery to kick-start genuine and precious relationship and to touch the heart of those we care about. Hence, The Scent of Love is created as a sincere gift dedicated to our loved ones. Through the charm and symbolic meaning of numbers, we are offered a new insight into what true love is about.

Premium diamonds are inlaid to highlight VISIBER's signature number group '96'. The glittering diamonds are complemented by elegant curvy pattern in white gold to create a graceful contour. In addition, traditional enamel handicraft technique is employed to provide the 'The Scent of Love' with a five-colour scheme, representing the Chinese 5 elements: gold for metal, blue for water, green for wood, red for fire and yellow for earth. More than just scintillatingly gorgeous, this five-element palette also works to match the individual's needs and personal character number.