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Trinity of Life


As a continuation to the exquisite trinity diamond ring series, the brand new 'Trinity of Life' Ring not only carries the elegance of its antecedents, but also surpasses with overriding confidence. The ring's conjugated diamond design creates an opulent and flaring appearance, while its 360 degrees enamel polish confers a delightful visual experience. The ring is not only pleasant to the eye, but also has great keeping value.

A creative design is adopted for the digits on the ring; they are garnished with animated and colourful linings, symbolising the elevation of status. This well-thought design philosophy is meant to increase not only the allure between the fingers, but also the wearer herself as the centre of attraction. The body of the ring is also an exercise of perfection.Comprising of an elaborated hollow engravings and the VISIBER logo, it adorns a detailed yet unconventional design.

The heaven element of the 'Trinity of Life' Ring lies in the twin band of sparkling diamonds that resembles shimmering stars in the night sky. This 'astral' element reminds one of starry gleam and glory, depicting the vast galaxy asilluminated by an array of stars. The new 'Trinity of Life' Ring is indeed designed to personal perfection; its glitter resembles our beautiful galaxy, symbolising a life that is tantalising and admirable to others. The 'Trinity of Life' Ring also embodies three goals of life;'perfection', 'satisfaction', and 'promise'; a promise of a perfect and satisfied life.