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The all-new VISIBER Signature Pendant II has made an impressive debut through great visual impact.

The design of VISIBER Signature Pendant II was conceived using the motif of vine leaves which combined the classical beauty of the East and the West. The texture of it is composed of delicate and graceful lines, creating a very elegant look. This new design when blended with the Arabic numbers rendered a visual impact that is both beauty and strength.

The crawling texture on the pendant manifestsitself in an interlacing manner, as if it is in a state of unlimited expansion. Symbolically, it represents a positive and endless spirit for life. For thousands of years, the vine leaf design in its form of a replicating motif, has survived the centuries by spreading across borders. VISIBER's entrepreneur spirit seeks to do the same. It aims to share the wisdom and allure of numbers with the world, transmitting it from generation to generation, enabling people to learn from and be inspired by the mystique of numbers.

The refreshing VISIBER Signature Pendant II comprises of nine designs, from the integers 1 to 9, each representing a different set of meaning according to VISIBER's philosophy. The number 1 is to Lead, 2 is Communication, 3 stands for Action, 4 refers to Planning, 5 represents Direction, 6 is for Wisdom, 7 pertains to Network, 8 is for Responsibility while 9 is the embodiment of Chance. The VISIBER logo and integer design on the pendant was created through advanced enamel making technology, infusing it with the five colours that represent the five elements. These five colours are gold that represent the element of Gold, green that represents water, blue in the case of Water, red for Fire and yellow that comes with the element of Earth.

Two exquisite Swarovski crystals were also etched onto the pendant. The sparkling crystals made VISIBER Signature Pendant II even more elegant, classy, trendy and gorgeous, unraveling a visual journey of numbers.