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Victory Key Pendant





A key pendant possesses a much greater distinctive symbolic significance compared to other accessories and has been a favourite fashion accessory amongst modern men & women. VISIBER's latest Ⓥ Victory KEY series features the 57 and 96 pendants with contemporary design and distinctive style. Each piece of pendant is made from the highest quality fine silver, white topaz and cold enamel.

The Ⓥ Victory KEY series helps unlock the secrets of life and provide the light to guide you towards achieving better social standing, direction, wisdom, and a success that everyone yearns for. The Ⓥ Victory KEY pendant is like a multipurpose key in life's journey that fills your heart with enormous power and activates your potential. Not only that, it also helps people around you gain access to success.

The number '57' represents control over the 5 elements (metal, wood, water, fire, earth) and 7 emotions (joy, anger, worry, longing, grief, fear, shock), and thus promotes balance in life. The great power within the number '57' helps broaden your social network, while the number '96' represents 'time' that allows wealth and success to accumulate through experience and wisdom. Manage your time wisely, and success will become a breeze.

The Ⓥ Victory KEY contemporary design complements the power of the numbers. The '57' and '96' pendants are available in five colours that correspond to the five elements. The skillful application of cold enamelling technique imparts a distinct character to each piece and this design combines the energy of the five elements to bring harmony and balance within an aesthetic perspective. The symbol of V above the number is a sign of its uniqueness while the glowing white topaz is in line with VISIBER's stringent quality requirement. The Ⓥ Victory KEY pendant conveys a message of faith and belief, and allows you to experience a complete inner transformation and readjust yourself towards the right path of success.