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V Winning Key Pendant

A key is not merely a tool to lock and unlock. It carries the connotation of being a solution to certain objectives. VISIBER's knowledge of numbers is embedded into the design of the Winning Key of VISIBER. It opens up your heart to welcome new interpersonal network and guides you to search the direction, wisdom and success that your heart longs for.

Number 5 in the 57 Ⓥ Winning Key represents the five elements, viz. metal, wood, water, fire and earth; number 7 stands for seven emotions of joy, anger, melancholy, brooding, sorrow, fear and shock. In combination, it helps you to master the five elements and the seven emotions which implies the achievement of a neutrally balanced condition. The control and mastery of such quality defines the attainment of wisdom enlightenment.

Let's look at its sister product, the 96 Ⓥ Winning Key. The number combination 96 represents time. To obtain the real prosperity and success, you must stand the test of time and accumulate the fruit of wisdom. Once you master your time effectively, success is only a stone's throw away. Through the visualisation process, we get to purify our spirits.

VISIBER Winning Keys Series are here to magnify the magnetic field of your soul and spirit, and play the medium that transmits the message of your mind. These products do not just open up one's heart, but provide aids to people around us to attain success. Social network, the ripple effect from an individual to the general public, has helped convey the concept of Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. This VISIBER Winning Key Series hold unlimited power, and open up every door in the journey of our lives.