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Wings of Dolphin

'There was once a winged dolphin that appeared only during full moon nights during meteor showers. Wish upon the dolphin, and you will gain every happiness...' We have adopted this fairy tale into our design, and created the Wings of the Dolphin diamond ring series..

The design team has successfully brought out the fanciful imagination of fairy tales and the beauty of nature in this brand new series. The white gold arc and curves that make up the numerals 9 and 6 on the twin dolphin bodies bedazzle brilliantly. The profile of the leaping dolphins, meeting just beneath the stunning diamond, portrays a strong feeling of mutual trust between them. The blue cold enamel pigmentation beautifully brings out the sunlit ocean on the dolphins, for a feeling of infinite energy and beautiful elegance.

Between the dolphins is a center stone of carefully selected diamond. The bodies of the dolphins are also lined with smaller diamonds, like meteors streaking across the sky. The two dolphins leap high up into the air, allowing their wings to take them on their elegant meteoric flights into fairy tale land. Together, the dolphins form a pair of angelic wings, regardless of the angle from which one looks. This moonlit pair of wings will protect you and bless you for eternity.